2011 Rugby World Cup * the IRB announced that the 2011 Rugby World cup will be held in New Zealand * the final will be played in Auckland at Eden park on Sunday October 23rd 2011

To make your enjoyment of the seventh staging of the Rugby World Cup as pleasurable and simple as possible, we have provided everything you will need if you plan on visiting New Zealand or are just planning on watching the matches from the comfort of your arm chair.

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One thing that concerns us is the speculation that the IRB is going to reduce the number of teams participating to just 16. We do not believe that this is either in the spirit or the interest of the game of Rugby. The 2007 Rugby World Cup was a spectacle that has been unsurpassed by any other sporting event. The so called minnows of the sport brought an exciting element to the game with many giant slaying performances and close run things.

If the game is to develop, smaller countries need the opportunity to perform on a world stage and it is the responsibility of the IRB to ensure they are given every opportunity. This is a discussion point on the forum.

We will be providing information on venues and dates, the ability to purchase tickets for all the 2011 Rugby World Cup matches, information on the pools and who your team will be playing, all the matches and dates, in addition to live news feeds, commentary and reports on all matches. Plus, short, medium and long term weather reports, and 2011 Rugby World Cup predictions, as well as the national teams. You can also have your say and report on matches if you are there or provide opinion both now, before and after the matches by starting your own free rugby blog as well as open discussion with supporters world wide on the 2011 World Cup Rugby Forum. Then to make life really easy, we have supplied information about cheap flights to New Zealand, cheap hotels, cheap car hire, and travel information on buses and trains to all the matches.

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It may be sometime off but New Zealand 2011 is going to be an amazing sporting event and if you love rugby, you need to be a part of it.